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Renowned as the best in Indonesia, our Technical Service Division ensures that our clients' facilities operate in optimal condition.

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Our Services

Maintenance Routine Visit & Repairing Job

Need quick fixes? Ensure peak performance with our routine maintenance visits. Our expert technicians conduct thorough inspections, clean, and replace components, offering proactive solutions to prevent potential issues.

Tube Chemical-Mechanical Cleaning

Experience optimal efficiency with our specialized cleaning services. Our technicians employ both chemical and mechanical methods to ensure your system's tubing always stays clean and free from corrosion.

Overhaul Chiller Unit

Let's elevate your chiller's longevity and performance with our comprehensive overhaul services. Our skilled technicians dismantle, clean, and replace components, guaranteeing your unit operates in its best condition.

Refrigerant Conversion

Stay ahead of environmental regulations and enhance energy efficiency! Here, our technicians perform precise refrigerant conversions, complying with regulations and improving your system's overall performance.

Startup & Re-commisioning

Seamless system integration is key. Our experienced technicians ensure your cooling system functions optimally post-installation. From thorough inspections to prompt issue resolution, we've got you covered.

Technical Consultant & Training Program

Level up your team's expertise with our technical consultation and training programs. Our experienced consultants will help provide tailored advice, while our training programs help empower your team.

Chiller Performance Analysis

Help unlock the insights into your cooling system's efficiency. Our technicians will conduct regular performance analyses, identifying improvement opportunities to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency.

Oil Analysis

Besides central AC services, we provide oil analysis services. Regularly sampling and analyzing chiller oil helps detect potential issues, guide further maintenance actions, and ensure your system operates smoothly.

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PT. BUKAKA INTI AIRCON is where expertise meets excellence. We have an excellent reputation for quality and provide responsive service 24/7 to satisfy our loyal customers. Here are our data statistics to showcase our commitment and dedication.

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